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Online Stores for the layman or computer savvy


At Wolgamot Tech Services we offer substantial expertise in building online stores.

You may wonder, why not use eBay? or Yahoo Stores?

That's a valid question. Actually either venue would be adequate - were the client content to accept the limitations of their one-size-fits-all approach.

Conversely, the Wolgamot client soon learns just how few limitations there are. Virtually every imaginable feature of your online business can be executed through our skill, knowledge, and training in computer and Internet technology. Personalized service will translate into a unique experience for your customers as well.

Furthermore, while we engage in fairly complex operations online, we converse with you, the client, in clear, concise language. This means that once your store has been established, we will teach you in clear, layman's terms how to manage the operation and guide you through any difficulties or new challenges that arise.

As for payment, there is an initial fee covering creating the store to your specifications and then explaining how to run the store - always in easy-to-understand language.

At that point, you will select between two options, the hourly rate and the commission plan.


Hourly Rate:

Although we offer an hourly rate for the store setup, help and guidance, most clients prefer commission because hourly rates mount up quickly.

No matter how savvy a client is with a computer or running a physical "bricks and mortar" store, stepping into an Internet online store is a completely new world.

Questions and help with the various aspects of store building mount up quickly to the point a client will avoid calling and struggle with a problems. Usually this leads to a client switching to a commission basis because they get so much more help for less. By that time they have already invested a bundle in up front cost.

Commission Based:

We offer a smaller up front charge to setup a basic store with a pleasant look and then a commission on sales your online store generates. This will help cover the cost for lots of help and guidance, fixing minor problems, adding a minor feature etc...

With commission we take a major risk. We help our clients build a store in hopes it will pan out later for us when their store finally takes off.

Building a store is not easy. Some clients get the idea a store can simply put on the Internet and money will magically rain from their ceiling fans.

When they realize how much effort has to be put into the project they sometimes lose interest and never do anything to finish and promote their store.

In this case we lose big time because up to that point we will have a lot of time invested and never get a return.

We're banking on the fact that if our client works hard with us to learn the ins and outs and get their store to do well then our payoff will be better down the road and it won't cost our client an arm and a leg in up front charges.


Another plus to the commission plan:

Many times we discover a feature either on our own or through another client that will help a store do better. Instead of charging an hourly rate to implement the feature we have incentive to implement it because the better your store does the more it will help you as well as us.


Call Wolgamot Tech Services and find out more about our online store offerings.