Blue Flower

Here is a typical chain of events

leading to frustration and a call to us for help



When purchased, the system seemed very fast. Now it's slow and quirky.

After various anti virus, spyware removal and diagnostic utilities were used, the system is still ailing.

The standard factory restore usually won't work. So the "destructive" factory restore is used because it leaves no residual malfunctions.

The destructive factory restore is time-consuming, requiring a backup of all personal data prior to restoration.

Having completed the destructive restore, this is the time to install needed software and download the latest software updates.

Having completed the long and drawn out restoration process, a sense of euphoria ensues as the system is now running smoothly and quickly again.

Shortly thereafter someone uses the computer and does "something" and now it's malfunctioning again.

Windows restore fails because something slipped by the virus detection re-infecting the system and automated checkpoints.

Now the entire restore scenario must be repeated.


Computers are software driven electronic/mechanical devices and many factors can cause a malfunction, usually at the most inopportune time.

When a malfunction occurs due to a hardware or software failure, which may have been created by a virus, spyware or other software errors, you need a service company that can get the system back up and running quickly.

Wolgamot Tech Services will create an operating environment that can be restored quickly.

We will create a custom restore which separates the windows operating system from user data ensuring the second restore and subsequent restores have the system back to normal very quickly. 

Call Wolgamot Tech Services today to structure your operating system for optimum performance and reliability.